TXTvertiZe offers your barber shop a unique program to instantly connect with your customers and staff via text message. For barbers, marketing through text messaging provides a more cost effective solution than conventional advertising, with even more benefits. For example, you can remind your customers via text automatically to come back in 7 days after they get their haircut and offer a discount for more motivation.

How can text messaging help your Barbers and  Barber Shop?

  • Automated Loyalty Program
  • Increase foot traffic by reminding customers to return.
  • Increase sales by offering digital discounts and coupons.
  • Instant customer communication that is less intrusive
  • Appointment reminders
  • Personalized text offers (Ability to use customers name in message)
  • New product offering alerts
  • Unexpected closing alerts
  • Staff communication

Example Text: Your haircut appointment is set for 1:00 today! Hit "C" to confirm or Press "R" to reschedule.