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How Does Text Message Marketing Work?​ ​​​

Try it: Text "SHOP" to "71441"

Start Up Steps For Business

Step 1) Sign-Up For Your Keyword and Choose Short Code

Select a keyword that will work best for you and your customers. For Example: Sam's Coffee might choose a keyword “Sams”, “Coffee” , "Happy" etc. This is a word that is relevant to your establishment name or product. We have our 5 digit Short Codes ready for you!

Step 2) Promote Your Keyword

Promote your short code and keyword on your existing marketing campaigns (radio, print, newspaper), store front (at the cash register, table, etc), website, social media, etc. For Example: Your advertisement on Social Media, Website, Business Card, or newspaper could say: Text “PIZZA” to 71441 to receive a FREE Drink and get special offers!

Step 3) Customers/Leads Opt-In

When a person opts in by sending the keyword to the short code they will receive an auto response which you could customize – great for instant savings/coupons/etc. This adds them to your marketing list which you can text anytime.

Step 4) Send Out Your Group Text Message... or Have Messages Sent To Specific Lists

Send your mobile marketing message out to your list of clients for special events, coupons/sales, or new products. This could be a reminder or any type of message you like.

Step 5) Loyalty Tablet Kiosk

Have customers type their mobile number in for a customized loyalty rewards program.

Increase Revenue and Create The Ultimate Customer and Fan Experience

98% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt. The average response time of text message is 90 seconds; Average response time of an Email is 90 minutes. Text Message Marketing has the best return on investment and is more affordable than any other advertising avenue. Send out your marketing messages for daily, weekly or monthly events, specials, or reminders and watch your business win.

For Sport Teams

Have your fans engaged at all times. For example: Your fans could text your customized KEYWORD (Example) "DOLPHINS" to "71441" to opt-in to a personalized Text Message Marketing List.

How Sport Teams use

Text Messaging..............


Send out customized Mobile Polls to your fans who are at the game or at home or both. Replies are live and posted in real time!


Capture the audience by running a Mobile Sweepstakes where our program could auto pick winners and or thank everyone for playing!


Design one time use coupons in minutes with our program and try our scratch off coupon feature. Track the open, redemption, and deletion rates!


Have the audience text a keyword followed by a personal message to the short code and let the fun begin!


Create different VIP Lists. Have lists simply for fans at the game, at home, season ticket holders, staff, radio, and more. Or, group all together!


Text Messages have a 99% open rate with a 98% open rate in first minute. When you want the fans attention, you have it!


The safety wizard allows for teams to send out instant alerts and for fans to text in for concerns and questions.


Use virtual punch cards. You decide the program length, the reward, and how may points it would take fans to reach the goals!

We support ALL major US carriers

About us

TXTvertiZe is a mobile marketing company that specializes in text message marketing (SMS/MMS). The TXTvertiZe mobile marketing platform gives you the ability to launch and manage a text message campaign from a user friendly ready to use web-based dashboard. It's an efficient cost-effective solution and the best Return on Investment with the support of our mobile marketing experts. With TXTvertiZe, there are no contracts and we have a 24/7/365 live customer support team. TXTvertiZe is a 100% opt-in service program. We do not provide lists of phone numbers nor do we access or share our users' contact lists. To learn more about our stance on spam and data privacy, view our anti-spam and privacy policies. Standard message & data rates may apply in the US & Canada. To opt-out of any TXTvertiZe service, text STOP to our short-code.​