You want to hear from your listeners but handling phone-in requests is expensive and time-consuming. Now there’s a better way. TXTvertiZe can show you how to do texting for radio stations the right way.

TXTvertiZe's text messaging platform allows station staff and hosts to quickly communicate with listeners. With our system, listeners can communicate with their favorite radio station hosts by simply sending a text message. These messages can include song requests, shout-outs, polls, contest entries, and more.

Since TXTvertiZe's communication is two­-way, hosts can also send SMS alerts directly to their listeners. The uses of our text messaging system are limited only by your station staff’s imagination. Listeners can send in their requests directly to radio hosts using their mobile phones. They can vote in contests and participate in polls, and our software will automatically tabulate the results, allowing you to view them in real­ time as they are texted in.

Text messaging is the perfect way to offer added value to current and potential advertisers. As part of your advertising package, give your advertisers the ability to retain valuable customer information when they run spots on your station. In response to an incentive heard on-­air, listeners can text in your advertisers’ keywords to get more information or for a chance to win a special prize. There is no other method of collecting such valuable, opt-­in subscriber data.